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Notable Replies

  1. Hi Dinh,

    If you want to access your DMZ server from the inside with its public IP address, then you'll have to configure NAT. This is something I wouldn't recommend, though...you can use the private IP address to reach the DMZ server from the inside.

    To give you an idea, here's an example where I configure hairpinning for a server on the inside:



  2. ASA1(config)# object network DMZ_POOL
    ASA1(config-network-object)# range

    ==== is this supposed be 200 Please correct me if i am wrong

    as the translated address is

  3. config t
    interface gi0/0
    ip address
    nameif outside
    interface gi0/1
    ip address
    nameif inside
    interface gi0/3
    ip address
    nameif dmz
    security level 50 
     object network LAN
    object network DMZ
    object_group service Dmz_ports
    service-object destiantion TCP eq 80
    service-object destination TCP eq 443
    object network DMZ
    NAT(outside,dmz) static service tcp 80 80 
    network object DMZ
    NAT(outside,dmz) static service tcp 443 443
    access_list out_acz_in permit object Dmz_ports any object DMZ  
    access-group out_acz_in in interface outside

    Note:-Traffic from LAN to DMZ is allowed (high-to-low) but only for the inspected protocols like Telnet,http...,

    So http 80 is inspected -Not to worry about.Traffic with SP:80 from LAN-to-DMZ will flow by default.

    for any other traffic use the below acess-list as appropriate

    //ALLOW access all ports from DMZ to INSIDE
    access-list dmz_acz permit ip object dmz object inside 
    access-group dmz_acz in interface inside
    //Allow  access only port 443 from DMZ to INSIDE 
    access-list dmz_acz permit tcp object dmz object inside eq 443
    access-group dmz_acz in interface inside

    please let me know on results

  4. Hlw Rene,

    I am little bit confused about the two command when using NAT:

    nat(inside, outside)


    Appreciate your nice clarification as always :slight_smile:


  5. by default FW allow from Inside to DMZ, so that means I am from Inside network and I can RDP to my windows server in DMZ. it can be bad in some cases,
    and if I want to block RDP from Inside to DMZ I will need to configure and access list?

    Thank you

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