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Notable Replies

  1. hello Rene, a question about ACL
    if I read an acl written in this way:
    access-list 100 permit ip host any....
    the keyword "any" means :
    " permit any packet from address to any others address if configured , in this router, more and more all mulsticast address? ( for rip for example) is for example the adjacent router on my fa 0/0...( and so I have to configure acl in inboud)

  2. johxxn says:

    Hi Rene,

    I have that too, R2 points to the ASA, but the lab did not work for me. I think it is a static NAT issue because the ASA drops the packet due to rpf-check. Here is a packet tracer from the ASA

    ciscoasa# packet-tracer input OUTSIDE tcp 23 23
    Phase: 1
    Result: ALLOW
    Implicit Rule
    Additional Information:
    MAC Access list
    Phase: 2
    Subtype: input
    Result: ALLOW
    Additional Information:
    in   DMZ
    Phase: 3
    Subtype: log
    Result: ALLOW
    access-group OUTSIDE_INBOUND in interface OUTSIDE
    access-list OUTSIDE_INBOUND extended permit tcp any host eq telnet 
    Additional Information:
    Phase: 4
    Type: IP-OPTIONS
    Result: ALLOW
    Additional Information:
    Phase: 5
    Type: NAT
    Subtype: rpf-check
    Result: DROP
    object network WEB_SERVER
     nat (DMZ,OUTSIDE) static
    Additional Information:
    input-interface: OUTSIDE
    input-status: up
    input-line-status: up
    output-interface: DMZ
    output-status: up
    output-line-status: up
    Action: drop
    Drop-reason: (acl-drop) Flow is denied by configured rule
  3. Hi John,

    That makes sense :slight_smile: In my example I didn't have NAT configured...just the IP addresses and security levels on the ASA, that's it.


  4. Hi Oskar,

    If this was a real network with Internet connectivity and public/private addresses then yes, you would need NAT. In this example however it's just an ASA with three interfaces. Nothing has to be translated.


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