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  1. Hi Rene, great content so far.
    But i doubt ToR and EoR are explained correctly. With your explanation the only concern would be with cabling, to decide between short or long…BUT:
    The important thing with ToR is, that this approach has always to do with “dumb” ToR FEX-Switches(only Data Plane) managed by an EoR Master(Control plane). This is a big difference in Design(ACI, FabricPath, or even SpanningTree, SVI, COSTs, Scalability etc.)

  2. Hi Alex,

    I agree there’s more to explain about ToR and EoR than what I included here. I kept it simple in this lesson since “cloud computing” is a small topic for ICND2 and I didn’t want to overwhelm people with too much info :grin:


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