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  1. Hi René,
    good lesson i read in detail
    I am not a BGP expert as i am studying now (only) for CCNP
    I read other sources for description of attributes (i dont know if i may give this source name)
    This (well known) source give 2 more attributes

    • the first one between 8 (Shortest IGP path to BGP next hop) and 9 (Oldest Path) he call “Multipath”: determines wether or not multiple paths need to be injected into the routing table, and continues if the best path is not yet selected.
    • the second between 10 (router-id) and 11(neighbor IP address) he call “Minimum Cluster L
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  2. Hi Dominique,

    The link @lagapides added is the most complete list of BGP attributes and the path selection:


    I didn’t include multipath because by default, it’s not enabled in BGP. Internal and external BGP only install a single best path (unless you enable multipath). If you do use multipath, it’s good to know how BGP deals with it.

    The minimum cluster list length is a similar example. It only applies when you use BGP route reflectors. There are also some exceptions when yo

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  3. Hi Rene
    I configure IBGP and EBGP to practice the path selection, I got a problem


    Here in network to the best path is through (EBGP neighboor) even I changed Weight to 400 in IBGP neighboor ( the path still is over EBGP. I wanted to influence that best path to was and not, I don´t know whatI am doing wrong. I am using GNS3 and GNS3 VM

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