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Notable Replies

  1. system says:

    Could not understand this....

    "loop prevention van BGP is “als AS hetzelfde is dan hebben we een loop maar dit kan niet met ibgp want AS is altijd hetzelfde.”. dus wat doen we dan….IBGP -> IBGP -> IBGP niet doorsturen."

  2. You caught one of my notes in Dutch... Just removed it :slight_smile:

  3. Hi Rene,
    Ur explanation was good..plz also describes about BGP Route Reflectors and Confederations.

  4. system says:

    Thanx . you explained it step by step and it was very informative..

  5. Hi Badal,

    We don't save anything by implementing iBGP but it's necessary.

    AS2 is a transit AS so all routers within the AS should know how to reach any destination. When R3 receives an IP packet, it has to know if it should forward the packet to R2 or R4. If this is an ISP where we use IP routing then we'll need to implement iBGP to fill its routing table.


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