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Notable Replies

  1. please check your article. the example you have given and configuration you did.

  2. Thanks Husain, I just fixed the names so that the pictures match the configurations.

  3. system says:

    why are u running this command and please also tell me what are med and local preference.

    neighbor route-map MED out

    i think it should be

    neighbor route-map MED in

    please clear it

  4. MED is used to tell your neighbor AS what link they should use to send traffic to your AS. Local preference is used to select an exit path for your AS.

    The route-map is correct as we are sending the metric to our neighbor AS. For local preference you'll need an inbound route-map.

  5. Another fun fact: Although MED is a discretionary non-transitive attribute, it IS transitive across confederation ASes.

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