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  1. Excellent lesson :slight_smile:

  2. Hi Hussein,

    Routing protocols like EIGRP or RIP don’t have the broadcast and non-broadcast network types that OSPF has. By default they use multicast and if you use the neighbor command they switch to unicast traffic only, that’s it.

    The next hop will be the Hub router though, you can see see an example here:


  3. Good Day Rene,

    Thank You again for Brilliant explanation. Now I have a challenge to on my lab environment to configure the switch which will connect between HUB and Spoke1 and 2 as frame relay. is it possible to get clarification on that step by step with picture example if possible.

    Thank You again.

  4. Hi Rene,

    This is by the far the most explanation for CCNP.
    My question is why do we have to elect DR/BDR on Non Broadcast network? I thought DR/BDR are only needed on broadcast networks?

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