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  1. I guess if the person spoofing is capable of spoofing a TTL of 2, they are also capable of spooing a TTL of 256 which (with the default config) would effectively override this safety mechanism in this scenario :slight_smile:

    Unless the TTL is an 8 bit field, so 255 is the highest value!

  2. Also you said this:

    might be a change for IOS 15, but now the hops value is the maximum hop value, not the decrement amount.

    [quote]ttl-security all-interfaces hops ?
    <1-254> maximum number of hops allowed[/quote]

    So if you wanted a TTL of 155 you would use the number 155, not the number 100

  3. Hi Rene,
    Hopefully you are doing good…

    I have one question When i am going through you CCIE R&S Written Table of Contents here why 3.6e:Path Preference & 3.6f:Operations not showing anything when i am trying to click there no page is opening so are you want to add any content there or its mistake by you? then 3.6g:Convergence and Scalability having content because when i clicking the + button the content is coming.

    For your reference i attached the screenshot as well.

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  4. Hi Arindom,

    I just moved a couple of items of 3.6f that should be there but weren’t.

    3.6e is empty right now so that is a bit confusing. I’ll have to check which items can go there.


  5. Hi Rene,
    Thanks for replying … if you add any thing there defenately I will go through the point…

    Thanks & Regards,

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