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  1. Hi István,

    What would you like to see? We can do classification, marking, queuing, shaping and policing on the switches :slight_smile:


  2. Hi Rene/Andrew

    Can you help me in understanding AutoQoS concept please ?


  3. Hi Abhishek,

    Let me jump in to give you a brief explanation of Cisco AutoQos.

    Configuring QOS can be a challenge for engineers who aren’t familiar with this topic, but leaving the network without a QOS configuration can cause a lot troubles especially with the bandwidth-hungry applications and the real-time traffic such as VOIP and Video which can partially and/or fully not work if QOS isn’t configured, in addition of problems like latency, jitter, and packet drops.

    For this reason, Cisco IOS Software offers a portfolio of QoS features which is enable by a or few commands without an extensive knowledge needed from the IT administrator and it provide the essential QOS needed.

    If you want to know more of AutoQOS, I can refer you to this article from Cisco Wesbite.

  4. Thankyou Maher, That helps !

  5. Hi Rene
    In a access ,distribution and core architecture where we should do the qos


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