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  1. Dear Rene,

    Could you explain where practically (Scenario) this would be used?


    Rajiv R

  2. Hello,

    I would like to ask if any non-resv-send-limit was configured on R3. I can see some Non Resv Send Limit values for current DSBM outputs. Also on R3 output there is no Non Resv Send Limit displayed for Local Configuration.

    One small remark is for the Configuration tab / R3 at the end of the chapter. There should be an ip rsvp dsbm candidate.

    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Stefanita,

    I didn’t configure anything on purpose, but there are some default RSVP commands. Here are all rsvp commands we configured:

    R3#show run | include rsvp 
     ip rsvp bandwidth 2048

    And here are all default commands and values:

    R3#show run all | include rsvp
     ip rsvp bandwidth 2048 2048
     ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair wait-time 0
     ip rsvp burst policing 200
     ip rsvp dsbm candidate 64
     ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit rate 2147484
     ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit burst 2147484
     ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit peak 2147484
     ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit min-unit 1
     ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit max-unit 2147483647
    ip rsvp policy cops timeout 300
    ip rsvp pq-profile 12288 592 110
    ip rsvp signalling initial-retransmit-delay 1000
    ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction ack-delay 250
    ip rsvp signalling refresh interval 30000
    ip rsvp signalling refresh misses 4
    ip rsvp authentication type md5
    ip rsvp authentication lifetime 00:30:00

    Thanks, I just fixed this!


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