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  1. Hello Laz,
    One quick question. So I can set the bandwidth under the GIG interface to 100 Mb to shrink the traffic flow or I can create a class -map as below.

    class-map SHAPING
     match any
    Policy-map SHAPING_100Mb
     class SHAPING
       shape average percent 10
    inter gigabitEthernet 1/0
     service-policy output SHAPING_100Mb

    What is the functional difference between these two configurations?

    Another thing. what is the difference between changing the bandwidth vs speed under an interface?

    Thank you so much.

  2. Rene,

    Apparently the attributes returned by Radius will be assigned automatically to PPPoE sessions once the policy is not configured directly on any interfaces.

    R1(config)#policy-map SHAPE_AVERAGE
    R1(config-pmap)#class IPERF
    R1(config-pmap-c)#shape average 64000
    Radius attribute:
    sub-qos-policy-in = SHAPE_AVERAGE


  3. @ReneMolenaar @lagapides @andrew Hi. I need to simulate WAN environment in lab. Precisely: need to increase delay between to max (200 ms let’s say) from what I have now 1/2 ms!!! Is this possible anyway between Cisco routers without using external simulator?

  4. Thanks Laz for the reply. I could easily create more than 200ms delay in Linux but was not that easy in cisco. I was getting loss when tuned the interfaces aggressively earlier. I limited the BW on on interface (policed) and applied outbound shaping (its only outbound anyway) to get more than 100ms delay on directly connected interfaces. It works. Thanks a lot.

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