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  1. Jose,
    Great to hear–we are thrilled to have you aboard! I hope you will learn a lot.


  2. Hi Rohini,

    For any non-Cisco phones, you can use mls qos trust cos to use the CoS marking that the phone sends.

    You also might want to look at LLDP, it’s an alternative to CDP which is supported by a couple of vendors.


  3. Steve,
    MLS QOS is an older platform method of QOS implementation. In your case, your 3850 switch is much newer, and uses the “modular quality of service command line interface (MQC)” architecture instead of the MLS one.

    This basically means that implementing QoS on your newer switch is pretty much just like implementing QoS on a router. In retrospect, it was kind of dumb for Cisco to have different syntax for a router vs a switch.

    You might want to check out the network lesson on QoS Marking to get started. There are quite a few network lessons on QoS here. Just make sure you look for ones that talk about routers and not switches.

    Additionally, here are a couple of Cisco links you might find useful:
    MLS vs MQC on 3850

    MQC Best Practices on a 3850

  4. Hi Rene/ Andrew,

    I have Cisco 7600 router, i try to mark the incoming traffic with DSCP63, the packet looks mark with DSCp63 when show policy map interface.

    But when the traffic forward out the port with policy map, i match the ip with dscp 63, seem it can’t match anything.

    Can you please advise.



  5. sorry Dordrecht not Denmark I guess that’s in the Netherlands. Now that I am doing networking I will be taking my first trip out of the USA and I will have to travel to all these branch offices all over Europe. Norway, France, Itally, Netherlands and more so that’s going to be a big experience to me as well as I basically was just a country boy from the US that’s never really been anywhere lol. My world geography knowledge is crappy I am going to have to get better at it.

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