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  1. Hi Rene,

    I’ve been following your tutorials for quite a while now and they have helped my a lot. Thanks for them.

    Two things I want to ask:

    1. Using Class-map, is it possible to block something like Facebook. I am able to block http://www.facebook.com but https is a headache. Can’t seem to block only one https site. I don’t want to block all https category.

    2. Do you have tutorials on different Switching stuffs like STP, RSTP, MST, VLAN etc?

    Please share if ya have. Will be grateful.


  2. Hi BJ,

    You can use NBAR to block HTTP but not HTTPS, here’s why:

    I have quite some switching tutorials but I’m going to add more, take a look here:


  3. Hi Filip,

    That’s right and the same thing applies to the class-default class. The only difference is that the class-default class will have a much higher weight that any of the user defined classes so it will only get a small portion of the bandwidth, even if you don’t configure a bandwidth for it. I’d have to check how much exactly, on IOS 12.4 you could use the “show queueing” command to see the weights. Not sure you can still see them on IOS 15 since these commands have been deprecated but I could do a simple bandwidth test :slight_smile:


  4. Hi Rene,

    I need you shed some light on ‘when congested’. Am I right in saying the QoS policies that we apply are insignificant during the period of non-congestion? can request you demo this.

    Also I believe tx ring limit and hold-queue commands on an interface lets us play with the interface buffers and hence the congestion. Can you please shed some light on them too?


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