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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Hamood,

    Glad to hear it was useful!


  2. Abhishek,
    I would recommend you check out Rene’s lesson on QoS Classification. In this lesson, you will discover that there are all kinds of tools at your disposal to be able to identify, classify, and mark traffic for QoS treatment throughout your network. It is rarely the case, for the reasons you brought up, that a simplistic approach of using just IP addresses is used.

    As for your second question, you are essentially asking about what QoS is meant to do as a whole (so there isn’t a quick, easy answer). The key to getting QoS working properly relies on th

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  3. awesome, it clears now. Thanks for your crystal clear approach of explanation.

    I am eagerly waiting for L2VPN related topics (vpls etc…) :slight_smile:

  4. The text below has also to be corrected.

    _> The first 3 bits are used to define the class and the next 3 bits are used to define the drop probability. Here are all the possible values that we can use:_

    Only 2 bits are used for drop probability, the 6th bit is ignored.

  5. Hello Maodo

    According to RFC2474 it speaks about the DS field:

       Implementors should note that the DSCP field is six bits wide.  DS-
       compliant nodes MUST select PHBs by matching against the entire 6-bit
       DSCP field, e.g., by treating the value of the field as a table index
       which is used to select a particular packet handling mechanism which
       has been implemented in that device.  The value of the CU field MUST
       be ignored by PHB selection.  

    It says that the entire 6-bit field must be used. The bits in question are bits 0 to 5 (a total of six bits

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