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  1. Awesome Rene!!!
    You are the only one who can teach in a very clear way.
    God Bless you :slight_smile:

  2. Hello Ashutosh

    First of all, services like Netflix and Youtube are not streaming services. They are video on demand services. This means that they implicitly require unicast functionality. The video that you watch on Youtube is being watched only by you at that specific time and no one else. Someone else may click on it a few seconds before or after you, but this is a uniquely separate event.

    Streaming services that are candidates for using multicast include online radio and the broadcasting of live events over the Internet. However there are two reasons w

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  3. Hi Rene ,

    Just got a one doubt after reading this , can you please guide ?
    1.Is igmp a L3/L2 protocol ?
    2.Does multicast router(end router which has to forward multicast traffic to host ) maintains any kind of exclusive table to map entries for interested hosts in downstream or igmp snooping enabled switch uses for this purpose ?


  4. Hello Sameer

    IGMP is a L3 protocol. It functions at L3 similarly to other network management protocols such as ICMP.

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  5. Very Good Write Up dear …/Thx

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