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  1. Hello Ashok.

    You probably mean You can register by going to this link: It was a little hard to find, but the link is available on the right in the login box under the Labs, Blog, FAQ or Contact tabs.

    I hope this has been helpful!


  2. EDIT: Solved. There are two sets of links, however as I found the labs via another website I was not aware there were two - so chose the wrong ones.

    Hi Guys, I’ve downloaded the gns3vault topology and have started troubleshooting ticket #1 - but nothing is broken. The client can ping successfully, and it automatically gets a DHCP address without any “troubleshooting” required.

    I’ve partially read the solution to check I’m not missing anything, and have found that the DHCP pool which should be mis-configured, is already correct. Have corrected versions of the config accidentally been uploaded to link provided at the top of this page?


  3. Hello Zeko

    Make sure that you’re using the latest version of GNS3 as older versions will not work well with some of the labs in the GNS3Vault. Also, take a look at this thread from the gns3 discussions forum, you might find a solution or workaround there as well.

    I hope this has been helpful!


  4. Hi Zeko,

    If you build your own topology, you can still use my configs:

    Unzip that file and search for *.cfg and you’ll find all my files. Here’s the VLAN 10 config of DSW10:

    interface Vlan10
     ip address
     ip helper-address
     ipv6 address FE80::C00B:13FF:FEE1:1 link-local
     ipv6 address 2026::3:1/122
     ipv6 rip RIPNG enable
     standby 10 ip
     standby 10 priority 120
     standby 10 preempt

    So yes, it does have RIPNG enabled.


  5. i got it working i have done on the SVI 10 :blush: . thanks Sir Rene

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