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Forum Replies

  1. In my years of working with multi-layer switches I never knew these templates existed, thanks!

  2. Renee,

    Do you know if nx-os has similar feature?


  3. Hi Anuj,

    It does, you can try the show hardware profile status command and the hardware profile command in configuration mode.


  4. Hi @ReneMolenaar

    I have couple of questions :-

    Is SDM template just for TCAM or for both TCAM and CAM ? If it’s just for TCAM what is the need of storing unicast mac addresses since they are stored in CAM table ?

    Does layer two switch have TCAM table ?

    What are the uses of masks that used by unicast mac addresses, since mac address values need to be exact match to make forward decision ?


  5. Hi Hussein,

    It’s for both, you can verify this by looking at the SDM template and MAC address table of the switch:

    SW1#show sdm prefer | include unicast mac
      number of unicast mac addresses:                  8K
    SW1#show mac address-table count | include Space
    Total Mac Address Space Available: 8048

    An L2 switch still has a TCAM table, they can do things like access-lists where we also use the TCAM.

    You can see the content of the TCAM table for L2 entries with show platform tcam table l2 detail or show platform tcam table mac-address detail.

    For some MAC addr

    ... Continue reading in our forum

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