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  1. Hi Raymond,

    I’m not 100% sure if VIRL supports all L2 commands but I think you will be fine. Most catalyst switches are pretty noisy…:slight_smile:


  2. Rene,
    Isn’t the iOS version the most important fact…rather than the switch model?
    I have played with all iOS (iOS 12.2,12.4, 15m&T) and they all offer differing CLI commands and functionality e.g. in iOS 12.2 there is no SDM, UDLD etc.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I can ascertain, if you want to practice with ALL the commands, the only iOS that provides ALL commands is iOs 15.x.x.

  3. It can be so frustrating with both Packet tracer and GNS3. Packet tracer 6.2 uses 12.2 with 2960 and 3560 but lacks commands. You can use iOS 15x in GNS3, but with GNS3 it is a nightmare to set up a fully functioning L2 or L3 switch lab (without adding modules and using Virtual appliances). It’s a complex task. Maybe I’m wrong about GNS3 but I’ve read everything that GNS3 has to offer in building a CCNP capable switch lab and to tell you the truth, I’ve failed.

    It would be absolutely invaluable if "somebody " created a fully functional GNS3 L2 & L3 topology or

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  4. Hi Seamus,

    It can be for sure, it’s also time consuming which is better spent at actual learning :slight_smile: GNS3 has always worked very well for routing but not for switching. The only thing it could do is emulate the switch module in one of the routers, it works but it’s very limited compared to a catalyst switch. Nowadays GNS3 also supports IOU which has L2 images. If you can get it working then most of the switching commands are supported.

    Packet tracer is nice but it’s a simulator, you’ll always have some unsupported commands or differences with show/debug commands.

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