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  1. What happens to a dlci when it goes through a router? is this layer 2 from ISP to your remote site?

  2. Hello Justin,

    As I was writing you answer I found that I need some deeper understanding of this topic myself. What I can say is that Rene has an excellent analogy for this.

    This lesson may help you understand the topic better. I would dive into this lesson myself but I have just finished studying and need a break. Please let me know if I can help you on these forums!

    I hope this helps,

  3. Hello Justin

    Frame relay is a layer two technology and as a result, DLCIs do not traverse a router. In this example, the Frame Relay Switch is actually physically a router, a layer three device, but its functionality in this case is a layer two device. This can be seen clearly by the encapsulation of type “frame relay” that is specified in the config. Specifically it is switching between one DLCI to another, something that the ISP would do for the customer.

    The only layer three devices here are the two customer devices. Now the DLCIs and their scope actuall

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  4. Thank you! It seemed that way its just so weird to me because the distance between two company sites can be very far. Thanks again for the help!

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