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What Our Members Are Saying:

  • Maciej Stanecki
    Maciej Stanecki
    Network & Cloud Engineer
    Optimal Learning Balance has the best ratio between explaining the theory and practicing it. The explanations are very comprehensive. The visuals like topology screen shots and CLI outputs are top-notch as well.

  • Evan Brodie
    Evan Brodie
    Senior Network Engineer
    Most Effective Teaching Method

    Having studied networking material from countless sources over the last 20+ years, I have to say that the hybrid textbook/lab scenario approach of is one of the most effective teaching paradigms for me. They strike a balance between theory and practice, and their step-by-step illustration method to demonstrate various concepts and behaviors–ones which are normally very abstract and boring to read on their own, come to life and suddenly seem simple and easy to digest.

  • Moris Henry
    Moris Henry
    IP Engineer
    Great Website is a great website, that simplifies complex networking concepts and making them easy to grasp. As a member for 1 full year now, I’ve witnessed a significant change in my career and experience and seen a remarkable improvement in my day-to-day work performance at the office.