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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Rene,

    a question regarding OSPF with dual cloud DMVPN… i am currently labbing this for deploymant at one of my customers and i cannot find the answer as how to achieve the EIGRP stub functionality in OSPF, as my spoke router has dual connections its becoming a transit router when a certain downstream link fails (which i dont want) is there a way in OSPF to only advertise connected routes?

  2. Hi Richard,

    Hmm that might be difficult. OSPF does have the stub router feature, which sets the metric to the highest value:


    That might be useful to make your router unlikely to become a transit route but doesn’t 100% exclude it. This can be difficult, especially if your OSPF routers are all in the same area, it’s hard to filter…


  3. I have a weird scenario.
    Let’s say I had 5 sites: 2 main sites, and 3 remote sites. In the mix, one of the main sites has 2 hubs, and one of the remote sites has 2 spokes.
    How would that work? (Could it work?)
    Please tell me if I’m wrong, but if it is possible, then to have full redundancy I would need to configure as such:

    Hub1/Tunnel 1: Connected to RemoteSite1/Spoke1, RemoteSite2/Spoke1, RemoteSite3/Spoke1, MainSite2/Hub3
    Hub2/Tunnel 2: Connected to RemoteSite1/Spoke2, RemoteSite2/Spoke3, RemoteSite3/Spoke4, MainSite2/Hub3

    Hub3/Tunnel 3:

    ... Continue reading in our forum

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Were you able to make it work? You mean using regular GRE tunnels between MainSite1 and MainSite2? If you are using static IP addresses on both sites, it might be an idea to use regular GRE tunnels for these sites, saving you the hassle of DMVPN between these sites. I can’t think of an advantage of using DMVPN between these sites unless you are using a dynamic IP address on MainSite2.


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