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  1. Hi Rowell,

    I purchased it from some Dutch webshop a couple of years ago, it seems Konig doesn’t sell them anymore (too bad). Best to google for “4 Port USB RS-232” , I’m sure some other vendors still sell them…


  2. Thanks for this great write-up; I just put together a very similar setup. I used a StarTech 4-port serial “hub” I bought off Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000YB0NQG/), since the one mentioned in this write-up I could not find in the U.S.; it appears to use the same FTDI chip-set.

    One caveat I did run into is UDEV re-assigning what ports were mapped to /dev/ttyUSB*. I found this out the hard way trying to remotely configure a router and the port no longer worked. Turns out it moved. I found the article below to add UDEV rules to manually map a device sy

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  3. For US readers:
    You may buy the quad serial to USB from Amazon, using this link:

    In case the link changes, here is the name of the item:
    GearMo® 36inch Quad Port FTDI USB to Serial Cable for MA PC Linux with Windows Certified Drivers
    Model # USA-FTDI4X

    As of this post, it costs $48.29.

  4. How do exit a ser2net console session?

  5. Thanks James!

    You can always return to the Cisco world? :slight_smile:

    The case is from modmypi.com, cheap and they look good.

    I also just read your post on your website about WP-FFPC, going to try that since w3 total cache has given me some headaches…


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