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  1. Hi Sindy,

    I wrote those posts awhile ago, here they are:


  2. Thanks again
    Will do cert server

  3. Hmm good question, have you checked the advanced properties? there should be an option to remember the PEAP credentials for Windows 7 or 8. Once you are connected:

    1. View connection properties
    2. Open the security Tab
    3. Advanced Settings
    4. Replace credentials
    5. Enter credentials and hit OK.

    That should force Windows to remember the credentials instead of asking for it over and over again. If it doesn’t work…maybe there’s a GPO that can do this but I don’t know it the top of my head :slight_smile:

  4. Hi Rene

    The tutorials help me a lot with Windows enviorment thanks, but now I have the following issues I hope you can help me,

    The topology is

    Two servers(2012R2) with NPS(they are in two tier CA authority rootCA->subCA->userCA)
    Scalance Accespoints W788(pointing to the two NPS servers)
    Linux embedded box(supplicants)

    The problem is when the linux box connects to the NPS server, I get in the NPS sever Event ID 6273 Reason Code 48 y tried to modified network policys but no luck, the linux box is configured like this in the wpa_supplicant.conf (I still dont put the certificate in the linux because i want to first try this way):

    Another question ¿do I have to import certificate like you did in the android device? in this case ¿it will be a user certificate and the subCA certificate?


  5. Hi Matt,

    On the Cisco APs it’s best to work with the CLI. Their web interface is a pain to work with. The GUI of the Cisco wireless LAN controllers is very nice though.

    I took a quick look at your config and it’s looking good. Is everything working as expected?


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