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  1. Same here. “No package tac_plus available”. I can also see it in the list. Cannot install it manually, as there are too many dependencies (which is why we use yum. haha)

    I, too, am using Centos 6.4. If I do just a yum list, it does not show it.

    [root@logger ~]# yum list --enablerepo=nux-misc | grep nux-miscanything-sync-daemon.noarch 3.11-3.el6.nux nux-misc
    chronicle.noarch 4.6-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    clamassassin.noarch 1.2.4-1.el6.nux nux-misc

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  2. Hi Rene,
    Is GUI available post configuration?
    To debug or add users can be helpful.

  3. HI,
    I used CentOS 6.5, TACACS + is running, but in /var/log/tac_plus.acct log file is still empty
    had setting /etc/tac_plus.conf
    accounting file = /var/log/tac_plus.acct

  4. Hi rene, im currently studying CCNP route and this is one of the topics, my question is, on the exam do we need to configure the TACACS+ server? cause i dont have a linux, i cant simulate this one. or do we only need to understand how TACACS+ works? thank you

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