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Notable Replies

  1. Hmm are you sure it's using the Nux repository? you can always just grab the RPM and install it manually...

  2. system says:

    Same here. "No package tac_plus available". I can also see it in the list. Cannot install it manually, as there are too many dependencies (which is why we use yum. haha)

    I, too, am using Centos 6.4. If I do just a yum list, it does not show it.

    [root@logger ~]# yum list --enablerepo=nux-misc | grep nux-miscanything-sync-daemon.noarch 3.11-3.el6.nux nux-misc
    chronicle.noarch 4.6-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    clamassassin.noarch 1.2.4-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    cobbler.noarch 2.2.1-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    cobbler-web.noarch 2.2.1-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    dkimproxy.noarch 1.4.1-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    fuse-s3fs.noarch 0.9-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    koan.noarch 2.2.1-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    megactl.i686 0.4.1-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    megactl-debuginfo.i686 0.4.1-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    openresolv.noarch 3.4.1-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    perl-Apache-RPC.noarch 0.69-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    perl-RPC-XML.noarch 0.69-2.el6.nux nux-misc
    perl-XML-RSSLite.noarch 0.15-1.el6.rf nux-misc
    pssh.noarch 2.3.1-4.el6.nux nux-misc
    z-push.noarch 1.5.6-1.el6.nux nux-misc
    zarafa-z-push.noarch 1.5.6-1.el6.nux nux-misc

  3. system says:

    Nice post...

    But, I'm having some troubles, when I try to authenticate with a user (i.e. ntorres), got this message:

    Enter your Unix username and password, Username: ntorres

    % Authentication failed

    Enter your Unix username and password, Username:

    Is there any log where I can see??

  4. Got this set up on a raspberry pi fairly easily. Thanks!

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