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  1. Greetings Rene,
    1stly, thanks for the info… truly useful,
    i do have a suggestion: how about “ip domain-lookup” ? we could disable it 2 prevent some domain-server translations (for time saving purposes)…

  2. Hi Reza,

    “no ip domain-lookup” is a nice feature since it can be very annoying when your router tries to do a DNS lookup when you mistype a command. The list above are mostly security-related features however. “Logging synchronous” is also a nice command that most people like to use.


  3. Hi Deepak,

    If you want to remove a command from the config then putting “no” in front of it will do the job. This can also be used to disable certain features so in this case “no ip directed-broadcast” will do the job.


  4. Hi Rene,

    I have 2 questions in shutting down services.
    1.- Which command will allow me to see all the services running on routers and switches?
    2.- I have configured ip source-route and ip cef on a point to point routers. Should I disable it and why?

    Please advise

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