Billing Agreement

By entering into this Billing Agreement with NetworkLessons, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Billing.

  • You agree to pay your subscription charges in advance, on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis as agreed and keep the payment regular and up-to-date.
  • You authorize NetworkLessons to charge your credit card or bank account or any other payment method, at the agreed periodicity on a recurring basis, on the date, the subscription becomes due for payment.
  • You agree to indemnify, defend and hold NetworkLessons harmless, against any liability pursuant to this Agreement and the authorization.
  • You guarantee and warrant that the credit card/bank account details provided by you are accurate, and legally belong to you. You also agree that you are legally authorized to enter into this recurring billing agreement. In the case of any change, you will keep NetworkLessons informed about the change.
  • All payments (except trial accounts) made are refundable for 10 days.
  • Trial accounts are limited to only one per customer, verified by used credit card. Trial accounts are non-refundable.
  • You agree not to dispute any billing charges with your credit card issuer or your bank and seek any charge-back if the charges are as per the agreed rate and period.
  • If you intend to stop the recurring periodical billing process and/or initiate an alternate payment method, you must notify NetworkLessons at least 24 hours in advance of the billing cycle end date.
  • You agree that NetworkLessons is not obligated to verify or confirm the amount before processing these payments. You acknowledge and agree that Recurring Payments may be variable based on certain factors.
  • All payments shall be made in USD. If you pay the subscription in a currency other than USD, you will be liable to pay the amount of the currency conversion fee that will be determined at the time of your payment of your subscription. You are aware that the exchange rates keep changing based on the currency, and you agree to the future execution of payments being based on fluctuating exchange rates.
  • You agree that NetworkLessons reserves the right to change the subscription charges at any time, with notice.
  • No modification of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless such modification is in writing signed by the parties or the duly authorized representative of the parties.
  • If any of the Terms and Conditions hereof is contrary to, prohibited by, or deemed invalid under, applicable laws or regulations, such provision, shall be deemed inapplicable and omitted to the extent contrary, prohibited or invalid, but the remainder of the provisions shall continue to be valid and shall be given effect so far as possible.
  • You can cancel your NetworkLessons account anytime by logging into the website and clicking on the “Manage Your Account” menu button, navigating through the “my account” option.