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  • Pietro Manicioto
    Pietro Manicioto
    Network Engineer
    Help in a Pinch

    The topics you’ll encounter in the field are covered in enough detail to get a good picture to quickly help in a pinch, while not deep diving with super low-level information. I have learned quite a bit on the fly just by looking up why something was done that way after running into something new at work. I just search for that topic in the search bar, and BOOM, there it is! gives me the info I need to understand why something was implemented so I can make alterations as needed and move on with my day. Unlike other learning venues, does not overly rush through the topics and they break at a logical point. I like that they include a video with each topic, as well as the textual version to read through. Until now, I found every specific topic yet I have been looking for, which keeps me coming back.

  • Antar Maarawi
    Antar Maarawi
    Network Consultant
    Self-Paced Courses is the best online reference for network-related topics and cisco routing, switching and FW equipment reference. It offers straight-to-the-point explanations and case studies without hefty documentation that usually deviate from the core subject. Moreover, it offers on-demand and self-paced sort of courses which is best for employed people. Finally, whenever in doubt or need some clarification, you can always engage in the forum to ask questions, receive well-explained answers and even get into conversation with highly skilled professionals…