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CCNA R&S Certification

Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching

CCNA Routing & Switching is probably the most popular Cisco certification there is. You will learn the basics of networking and how to configure a small network with Cisco routers and switches. There are two certifications: ICND1 and ICND2.

This course covers everything in ICND1 and you will learn the basics of networking, how to configure a small network with Cisco routers and switches and more.

The ICND2 exam builds upon your knowledge that you learned in ICND1. You will learn more about the protocols you learned in ICND1 and you will learn some new topics.

CCNP R&S Certification

Cisco CCNP Logo

CCNP Routing & Switching is the professional level of the routing & switching track. You will expand your knowledge of the protocols you learned in CCNA and learn some new topics. There are three exams you need to pass to get your certificate.

CCNP ROUTE is one of the three CCNP routing & switching exams. You will learn more about routing protocols like OSPF and EIGRP and how routing on the Internet works with BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). You will also learn about advanced routing techniques like redistribution and filtering.

CCNP SWITCH is one of the three exams in the CCNP routing & switching track. In this course you will learn everything about VLANs, trunking, spanning-tree, etherchannels and multilayer switches.

CCNP TSHOOT is the third exam in the CCNP R&S track. In this exam you have to demonstrate that you are able to troubleshoot any of the protocols you encountered in the CCNA and CCNP ROUTE / SWITCH material. These lessons will help you to become better at troubleshooting and you will learn the most common issues for each protocol.

CCIE R&S Certification

Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching

CCIE Routing & Switching certification is the highest level you can achieve in the R&S track. To get the certification and your own CCIE number, you need to pass a written and lab exam. The following lessons are useful especially for the lab exam.

The written exam is a prerequisite for the CCIE R&S lab exam. You will learn more about the topics you learned in CCNA/CCNP and some new topics that are not even in the lab exam.

The CCIE R&S Lab is a practical exam where you have to demonstrate your skills. You will have to configure a network that consists of multiple routers/switches and troubleshoot a large topology.

Other Cisco courses

In these lessons you will learn how to configure everything the Cisco ASA firewall has to offer…NAT, IPSEC/SSL vpns, Anyconnect remote VPN, failover, and many other things.