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  • Content created by Rene Molenaar (CCIE #41726)


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Forum Replies

  1. Thanks a lot Rene. Excellent post !!!

  2. Hi Paul,

    In my example, the Tc of 50 ms is a requirement.

    The bottom link has a CIR of 64kbps, that’s 64000 bits per second (1000ms).

    64000 bits = 1000ms

    Divide it by 10 and we get:

    6400 bits = 100ms

    To get to 50ms, divide it by 2:

    3200 bits = 50 ms.


  3. Hi, Rene

    What do you mean the physical access rate? For me it is not clear, could give an explanation on this?

  4. Hi Rene,

    That was a great bunch of posts. Just for the benefit of students, can you please state this?

    Bc and Be - are they supposed to be expressed in bits, bytes ? vary with different families/models of Cisco devices?


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